This cleanser is from our “Image” skincare line. Image is a cosmeceutical brand which promises optimum results. Image skin products are different from other skin brands due to their effect on the skin at a cellular level- this means the beneficial ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin cell to achieve a specific result. At Advanced Laser Light, we love the philosophy behind this brand which is “Age Later”. To our delight, the skins aging process can be slowed down by using the correct ingredients, so why not slowing it down start today!

Whatever your skin concern is- be it acne, congestion, pigmentation or rosacea, there is an Image product for you! If pigmentation, dry dull or ageing skin is your concern, then this is the cleanser for you!

As the skin ages, the cell turnover dramatically decreases. This results in dead, lifeless, dull looking cells at the surface of your skin. These dead cells block beneficial ingredients from skin products such as serums and moisturisers from working sufficiently. Therefore it is vital to rid the skin of these dead skin cells.

One of the active ingredients in the Ageless Total Facial cleanser is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and its main function is to increase cell turnover by promoting deep pore exfoliation. By ridding the skin of these dead skin cells, you are maximising the benefits of every other product that you use on your skin. Glycolic acid acts as a delivery system for your skin- it ensures that every other ingredient gets to where it is needed. You could be using a fabulous cleanser, serum, masque and moisturiser everyday but if you are not addressing the dead skin cells in your skin, then none of these products can work to their potential! Glycolic acid is an essential ingredient to have in your skin care routine!

This daily cleanser leaves your skin feeling and looking refreshed and revitalised by gently exfoliating and toning. Massage into the skin for 60 seconds before washing off with luke warm water. It’s like a facial in a bottle!

Why not pop into Advanced Laser Light today to get yours and kick start your new skin care regime! We promise it will be a worthwhile purchase!