Wedding Beauty Timeline!

Like all other aspects of your wedding, beauty requirements need to be carefully planned. Leaving it to the final two weeks for a quick facial and make-up application is too late if you want to have your skin in tip-top condition.

 Advanced Laser Light is an extremely popular choice with all those involved in the wedding market, not just the bride, but also the groom, mothers of the bride and other members of the wedding party, with skin care concerns.

Advanced Laser Light offers a wide range of services including Laser Hair Removal, Thread Vein Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Collagen Enhancing Treatments, Microdermabrasion, and Acne Treatments. Injectables and Fillers are carried out by an in-house general practitioner and skincare facials are tailor-made to suit the client’s needs with accompanying skincare products for home use.

Wedding Consultations are performed, on a one to one basis, in luxurious and private clinics, in prime locations and are free of charge. Advanced Laser Light is unique because they specialise in the field of Laser Treatments and with a wealth of experience, are dedicated to providing top quality results-driven services combined with the very best professional care.

Each client’s requirements are individually accessed and a tailor-made skincare plan is devised, usually combining a variety of treatments and maximising the outcome for the big day.

“Our wedding consultation and skincare plans have proved to be one of our most popular services. Wedding photographs are for life, so ensuring that your skin is in top notch condition gives clients a lot more confidence in their appearance. For optimum results we like to meet with clients about six months before the wedding, and take it from there, knowing that every single client will have different needs”

says Laura Murphy, owner of Advanced Laser Light.

Teeth Whiteningteeth-whitening

“A bright smile makes such a difference to your appearance, so why not invest in our top of the range Professional Laser Teeth Whitening”

Tests prove that teeth score between 5 and 12 shades whiter. This is dependent on the type of staining and mineral content contained within your teeth so results will, therefore, vary between individuals. The laser treatment itself takes 60 minutes, we tailor every treatment to each individual to get the best results possible.

The whitening gels are specifically formulated to reduce sensitivity, therefore, most people do not feel any sensitivity.

The results last depending on your lifestyle, however, it would on average take about 2 years to come back to the original shade that you were before coming to us.

The treatment is not designed to whiten caps, crowns or false teeth, it will, however, clean and restore them to their original colour. It will remove all stains and plaque that build up and the natural teeth will be whitened as normal.

Non-Peroxide, No sensitivity.