The Only Answer For White, Blonde and Grey Hair That Works

The removal of hair by laser treatment works amazing on the darker hairs, but again this treatment was always looked upon as unfair by the lighter hair sufferers, as they were not suitable for treatment. But as time moves on and the standard of technology advances, there is finally a new breakthrough treatment available for all hair colours. Blonde, white and red hairs are now successfully treatable by Thermolysis.

Thermolysis is the beginning of a new era in the world of hair removal. This is a new advanced treatment for all hair types but particularly blonde, red and white hair that does not respond to laser. It is pain free and up to 13.5 times stronger and faster than other methods with proven results.

With accomplished therapists who have a wealth of experience and because we specialise solely in aesthetic laser treatments we can proudly announce that Advanced Laser Light is the only provider of this treatment in Cork, Limerick and Dublin.