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We are proud to be the first clinic to bring Laser Hair Removal to Ireland, established back in 1997. Being the most experienced clinic in the country, rest assured you are in excellent hands.

At Advanced Laser Light we don’t just lead the way in laser technology, we focus on the personal touch for all our clients.

Laser Hair Removal

Why waste time and money on waxing and shaving and other methods of hair removal? 

Say Goodbye to the Razor & Hello to the Lazer!!

For many women and men unwanted hair can be a nuisance or even a nightmare! Until recently it was uncomfortable, inconvenient, expensive and time consuming.

The new Laser Technology hair removal for the face and body has:

  • Proven to be successful and effective laser application for both men and women.
  • Safely and gently removes any unwanted hair on the body.
  • No side effects are experienced.
  • Monitored results
  • No more ingrown hairs or razor burn
  • Suitable for ALL skin types.

Please Note: Under 16’s will require parents consent in clinic

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Thread Vein Removal / High Colour Diffusion

Get rid of Thread Veins and Diffuse Redness for a Glowing and Youthful Complexion.

Using shorts bursts of safe light to treat superficial veins on face and chest with immediate results. Many women report that after having this treatment the application of make-up becomes much easier and smoother. This treatment is especially suitable for people whose lifestyle exposes them to outdoor elements.

***Treatment cannot be performed after sun exposure

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Acne & Skin Rosacea Treatments

Combining two different techniques to treat acne and the resultant scarring for effective results.

At Advanced Laser Light we offer a full skin analysis before treatment commences, determining what type of acne you have and what treatment would be best suited to your individual needs. The most common area to be treated is the face but chest, back and shoulders can also be affected. We always recommend calling into us for a free consultation prior to treatment. 

Facial acne is a source of woe for men and women alike, with men being more prone to it due to the influence of androgens. We offer an Acne Laser Treatment, Skin Treatments, Image Acne Lift Peel, A Personalised Skin-Care routine and expert advice. 

See the full list of Acne & Skin Rosacea Treatments

Acne Laser Treatment €120

Image Acne Peel €90


(Course options available in store following a free consultation) 

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Skin Treatments

See the full list of Treatments

The Diamond Tip Crystal Free Microdermabrasion

The fairy godmother of all skin treatments using diamond tipped wands. Put a sparkle back into your dull, uneven, congested skin. Enables a safe controlled method of exfoliation to give impressive results.


Per Session – €75

Course of 4 – €375


The CACI Age Defying Collagen Treatment

The Ultimate Beauty Secret

In search of a collagen boost without the injection?

Using wavelengths of natural light that combine three concepts integrated to diffuse a natural light combine three concepts integrated to diffuse a natural collagen soluble substance into the skin with hylauronic acid, a deeply hydrating ingredient for the skin.

This includes exfoliation and contour masque.

CACI Classic 

Per Treatment – €100

Course of 3 – €250

Course of 8 – €700

Why not upgrade to the Ultimate CACI?

Ultimate Caci 

Per Treatment – €120

Course of 3 – €310

Course of 8 – €840

Combine The Classic CACI and The Ultimate CACI for optimal results!!

Course of 3 – €360

Course of 8 – €840

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Anti – Wrinkle Clinic

“Everybody is searching for the secret to eternal youth. At Advanced Laser Light know that the secret is, knowing a great cosmetic dermatologist.”

The fact is that now your anti-ageing secret with the subtle nature of our latest procedures. Injectables have come along way in recent years. The frozen face is out, in favour of a more natural look. The effects are so natural that nobody need ever know.

At Advanced Laser Light we offer consultations before all treatments so our dermatologist can assess exactly what your individual needs are before commencing treatment.

Please book for informed consultation free of charge without obligation. Discretion and privacy assured.
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The only answer for white, blonde and grey hair that works.

Apilus / Thermolysis is the beginning of a new era in the world of hair removal. This is a new advanced treatment for all hair types but particularly blonde, red and white hair that does not respond to laser. It is pain free and up to 13.5 times stronger and faster than other methods with proven results.

With accomplished therapists who have a wealth of experience and because we specialise solely in aesthetic laser treatments we can proudly announce that Advanced Laser Light is the only provider of this treatment in Cork.

See the full list of Thermolysis Treatments

15 minutes €42

30 minutes €65

Apilus and Laser €65

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Skin Tags & Milia

Skin tags are harmless little growths that stick out like a small tear drop shape on the skin. They are commonly found on the face neck and upper body and are generally caused by friction.

Milia are a common skin condition often accompanying dry skin. They are white pearly lumps found underneath the skin’s surface and are commonly found around the eye area.

Skin Tag Removal Prices start from €55 for up to 3 skin-tags. 

                 from €100 for 6 or more skin-tags.

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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove naturally. By passing a very short pulse of high power laser light through the skin, the tattoo ink is broken into smaller particles, which the body is able to remove.

Most amateur tattoos require 3 to 5 treatment sessions at monthly intervals. Most professional tattoos typically require 7 to 14 treatment sessions at monthly intervals. The cost of each session depends on the size and colour of the tattoo. The total cost of the tattoo removal depends on the number of treatments needed and this varies considerably from patient to patient.

Prices start from €80 per session. Please click the button below to book a consultation.

Email an image of your tattoo for a quote today!
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Roll back the years with Microneedling

Microneedling is a safe skin renewal technique that takes advantage of the skins natural ability to heal itself. Microneedling uses tiny needles that cause minor trauma to the epidermis (top layer of our skin), which then signals the body to produce collagen, resulting in rejuvenated, firmer and smoother looking skin.

Benefits of microneedling:

  • Effective anti-aging treatment
  • Proven treatment for acne scars
  • Dramatically improves skin texture
  • Reduces and improves the appearance of large pores
  • Minimal downtime

Price per treatment — €175

Course of 4 — €485 

Course of 6 —€600

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