Acne & Skin Rosacea Treatments

Combining two different techniques to treat acne and the resultant scarring for effective results.

At Advanced Laser Light we offer a full skin analysis before treatment commences, determining what type of acne you have and what treatment would be best suited to your individual needs. The most common area to be treated is the face but chest, back and shoulders can also be affected. We always recommend calling into us for a free consultation prior to treatment. 

Facial acne is a source of woe for men and women alike, with men being more prone to it due to the influence of androgens. We offer an Acne Laser Treatment, Skin Treatments, Image Acne Lift Peel, A Personalised Skin-Care routine and expert advice. 

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Acne Laser Treatment €120

Image Acne Peel €90


(Course options available in store following a free consultation) 

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